Why people go for 2 bhk instead of 1 bhk?

September 20, 2019

Buying a house is a dream and with easy convenience of home loans, youngsters are buying dream house. We are discussing more options that why you must go for 2 BHK.

Let’s get in the following reasons why majority of people prefer to invest in 2 BHK flat other than 1 BHK.

2 BHK Flats are easy to get

If you are looking for any multi-story community apartments, there are mostly 2 BHK apartments in it. The time spend in looking is comparatively lesser as compared to 1 BHK apartment. Once you are certain with the location and budget, then look for 2 BHK for sale, you will definitely get many 2 BHK options.

Reliable future

It is true if you are a bachelor or even a newlywed couple then a 2BHK flat is fine for you. Although, extra room is good security for the future kids as till then you can utilize it for other purposes.

More resale value

The demand is quite high, also the resale value is greater as compared to the money invested. The percentage of profit depends on the demand and location of the area and getting a profit is also for sure.


The key reason for going to buy 2 bhk flat is less cost but trust us that cost
spend is more useful than the future regrets. There are various builders who are constructing affordable houses for clients to attract them. You can buy these flats or select from an outskirt location where flats are cheaper.


Even if you do not want to sell your property you can just keep it in rent to get extra income. The opportunity of finding a tenant for a 2 BHK is easy. And the return on investment is also very high.


You can use extra space by using other rooms such as home office, study room, guest room etc.


The size for 2 bhk flats in Bhiwadi and services offered define the house maintenance cost. So, 2 BHK flat provide adequate space for living.


The documentation for 2 BHK flat is same as 1 BHK. So, you will not find it difficult even if you change the mind. Hence, you can look for 2 bhk flat

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