How the Real Estate sector helps in Conserving Environment

June 5, 2021

Construction sector plays a very important role in environment management. Global warming due to which the hazards are taking place also has its contribution from the construction sector and hence the industry needs to give back to the environment to compensate for the loss.

What can we do?

In the real estate sector, we can conserve the environment by:

  1. Rain Water Harvesting: The groundwater level is decreasing day by day with human activities. Rainwater is as pure as consumable water. Hence, rainwater harvesting is one of the ways to maintain the water table of the earth. This water can be further used in many ways. Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks is thus important.

  2. Sewage Treatment Plants (STP): In houses, there are two types of sewage waters and one of them is reusable. The water that is used in washbasins can be reused in some activities like gardening, in washing closets, etc. after its treatment. We can install STP in the houses which can make this water reusable.

  3. Solar Energy: To conserve non-renewable sources to create energy that contributes towards emissions and waste disposals, solar energy has been the solution. Solar cells are installed for various works and some solar products are used that take energy from the sun to cater to our daily needs.

  4. Consolidating Greenery: Greenery leads to air purification and binds the soil. It also helps in cooling the environment and gives shade. Apart from that, these beautify the areas and creates recreational spaces like gardens, parks, etc. Green areas also cater to our food needs and helps in reducing carbon emission effects. Hence, having greenery is vital to save our environment.

  5. Well-Ventilated Homes: Well ventilated homes lead to minimizing energy. If a home has proper ventilation, then a person feels less need to use electronic devices like air conditioners, lights, etc. For this, we need the proper and ample amount of openings like doors, windows, roof openings, etc. at the right places. Climatic studies can help in examining the proper directions for installation of those.

  6. Using Recycled and environmentally friendly building materials: Recycling itself saves energy and the environment. Using non-toxic materials can help in reducing carbon emissions. The use of green materials, hollow blocks, cavity walls, etc is one way. These also maintain thermal and sound insulation to protect the inner environment of the house making it naturally comfortable inside.

  7. Re-Use of waste: This can be done through dual plumbing with the help of STP and by using low-flow faucets or showers. The societies can also install different dustbins to further send those materials to reuseable.

  8. Minimizing the driving of vehicles inside the sectors: Vehicles are another reason for global warming. The use of vehicles can be reduced with planned parking, using eco-friendly transportation inside the colony for the residents, By creating pedestrian and bike-friendly spaces, etc. This can further be encouraged by creating beautiful and shaded green pathways that will again encourage walking, exercise and will discourage unnecessary vehicle usage.

  9. Cluster Housing: Open spaces are much needed these days. Cluster housing is one way to do that. With cluster housing, housing units are built close together on a large lot, with the rest of the lot left as common open space. Thus, rather than each unit having a small amount of open space, the development as a whole has a large amount to share.

  10. Land Pressure: The more the houses are, the more people will live in them. Thus, creating more dead and live load on the soil which results in pressure on land. Low rise buildings can help in catering this problem.

How Shubhashray contributes to our environment?

Shubhashray cares for its residents and the environment they live in. We have sewage treatment plants with dual plumbing systems installed in our societies through which we recycle used water. Our societies are equipped with Rain Water Harvesting system and solar street lights. Apart from bricks, we use hollow concrete blocks, that not just only insulates the building thermally but also provide sound insulation thus providing privacy along with comfort.

Our societies have services of e-rickshaws that reduce the usage of private vehicles. Apart from the common central park, we also provide small parks and private green areas to increase greenery. Separate dustbins for the dry and wet areas are provided to the residents.

Our societies are less densely populated resulting in a decrease in earth pressure. Most of them have low-rise buildings to encourage vertical movement on feet.

Conserve our environment by choosing Shubhashray Housing India!!!
Happy Environment Day!!!

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