As the price for houses goes down, do the risks associated with construction go up?

March 23, 2021

When you try to buy a residence, you will generally see a lot of price differences between similar-looking houses or apartments. What constitutes that price difference? Is it just the interior of the building and amenities like furniture? Or is it the location and transport included in the construction? Is it the amenities in the society or also the time taken to build one? How many factors are there to calculate that price? When you try to buy a residence, you are just told about the amenities or the interiors of the house for a certain price that has been calculated for that apartment. But the price difference does not just come up with the interiors of a building/apartment or the amenities in the society. It also changes with the quality of materials used and the time taken to construct that building. It also depends on the location of the building and how the construction materials are obtained.

Affordable Housing

When there is a talk about affordable housing, sometimes the quality of materials is compromised by the builder that directly affects the construction, strength, and life of the building. Shubhashray Housing does not work this way, we take affordable housing to its real meaning without compromising the construction quality. How? Before that let’s discuss What Affordable Housing is? Or what does affordable mean? Affordable is not known by the range of price of a residential unit. Affordable means something that can be bought within the income of the people in the household and that does not affect their routine livelihood. This means that affordable for different income groups is different.

Timely Delivery of projects

In real estate, the residences are sold even before they are constructed. Builders, in the name of affordable housing, can affect the client with construction delays. Some builders quote ‘less money is used to construct and hence more time will be taken to build it’ or with the help of some other reasons, they delay it which ultimately affects the quality of construction due to the exposure of materials to the atmosphere for a long time that can affect the strength of the building. Shubhashray does not make such fake promises and gives timely delivery of the dwelling units to its clients. By creating the projects on time, the materials are not exposed to the atmosphere for more than the required time. You can see the promise been delivered in our previous projects located in Bawal In Haryana and Rajkot in Gujarat that is fully occupied now.

After-Sales Maintenance

Prices are also affected by after-sales maintenance services and other services like electricity, water supply, drop and pick-up services, etc. When there is no issue in other aspects of construction, sometimes a builder cuts the costs in after-sales maintenance leading to questionable or highly charged maintenance. However, Shubhashray provides great after-sales on-call maintenance and cuts the costs of services by providing amenities like solar street lights. These all cut the after costs of the buildings and hence helps in maintaining the building more effectively in less budget. They also provide free e-rickshaw and shuttle services to the society residents.

How Shubhashray reduces the risk with quality construction

Shubhashray housing caters to the lower-income group i.e. LIG And EWS people in terms of affordability. We do not compromise on the quality of construction and provide the houses with construction techniques like aluminium shuttering. The materials used for construction are mostly regionally available to decrease the cost of transportation and hence the price of the houses. This ultimately helps us to build a house in a qualitative method in a reasonable price range. Our construction quality can be easily compared with other high-end builders.

Why buy from Shubhashray- Risk Reduction and Benefits

Shubhashray provides the clients with the maximum benefits possible before, during, and after the construction of the buildings in terms of pricing. We cater to the needs of our society members to the fullest with the best possible maintenance services even after they buy houses from us to make their living comfortable. This is how we reduce any risk that is associated with the construction of our societies.

Shubhashray collaborated with several banks to provide a loan to the buyer under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Mukhya Mantri Awas Yojana to make the houses more affordable. The subsidy is provided up to ₹2.67 Lac to the buyer according to their income. You can reside in our highly facilitated societies with a range of amenities provided in them located in Bhiwadi, Keshwana, and Jaipur in Rajasthan that is already complete or under construction. You can also look for our upcoming projects in Jaipur, Neemrana, Alwar, and Bhiwadi.

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