The importance of a builder’s history when selecting a home

March 8, 2021

When you buy or select something for yourself, you check even the smallest detail of that thing. How it will suit you, the reviews, the age of the company, etc you go through every detail possible. While selecting a home, you try to check the amenities, cost, locality, surroundings, view, etc. Some of you may check the material used. But most people forget to check the builder of that place.

Now, you may ask what is the need to check the builder. It could be important if the builder is the owner but then again, you just need to know who owns it and that’s enough. Rest everything you require can be handled in the paperwork or with the management. But if the builder isn’t the owner, then you probably will not make any effort of knowing them. This is where the buyers make mistakes while selecting the property. It is important in both cases to check the builder’s history because you, directly or indirectly are connected to your builder. Here’s how,

  • The builder is the one who created that building. All the things that you can or can not see in the building are of the builder’s choice.
  • The owner, if the builder himself, is going to handle all the future maintenance and building construction-related requirements for the building.
  • The owner, If not the builder, would talk to the same builder about the future requirements of the building.

These points are enough for you to know the importance of knowing your builder while buying a home. But what to check in the builder’s history?

  1. General: Check the general background of the builder. Look for the reviews, what other clients say, their old projects, how they deal, etc. to know your builder in general. You can do online and offline searches.
  2. Experience: Experience always adds to the well-being of the building. A lot of first-time affordable housing builders fail to deliver the project due to the lack of experience as affordable housing is different than other housing. If your builder is inexperienced or less experienced then there are chances that the building will take longer than expected or the project fails. This will result in time and money wastage. So, you should check the builder’s experience and how they are planning to complete the project.
  3. Financial background: Real Estate needs good financial support. If the builder’s financial background or financial planning is not strong enough then there are chances of the project failing or fraud being happening to the clients. You should check that your builder is not into any financial problem to avoid these issues. You can directly talk about it to your builder and know if they are planned to deal with such issues.
  4. Legal background: Sometimes, builders get into legal issues related to the buildings. You should check if they are/were into any legal issue and what kind of issue was it. It tells about the authenticity of the builder. Try to avoid builders with legal issues that are negative from the builder’s side.
  5. Handling during calamity: There are a lot of manmade or natural calamities that can affect real estate. Knowing if your builder is capable of handling those capabilities or not will help you know how much you can trust your builder and their efficiency.
  6. Quality and promise deliverance: Is your builder capable of delivering what they promised? Do they deliver it on time? What quality do they bring to the building? What kind of materials or construction techniques do they use? How do they respond after you buy the place from them? You can know such answers by knowing about their old projects.

These are some of the points that you should search for before selecting a home. Builders with experience are better when it comes to affordable housing as they know how to do it. Builders like Shubhashray Housing, with a proven track record, were capable of facing calamities like COVID without any failure or financial issues.

Shushahray Housing is an experienced company with 12 years of a clean record in affordable housing. We are developing 20,000 affordable housing annually for first-time owners. We provide affordable housing for LIG and EWS. To help them further, we also work with various banks and under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to give them a subsidized loan for buying the houses. We do not just provide the quality but also the timely delivery of the houses to our clients. We provide gated societies with security and zones like gaming, pools, learning centers, etc. within our societies for the residents. Apart from that, we also provide facilities like solar lights, Shuttle, E-rickshaw services, etc for the comfort of our residents. You can check our background by checking our complete projects located in Bawal, Haryana & Rajkot, Gujarat. You will see that not only do we provide better services till you buy the house but also our on-call services after you buy it. We are also happy to talk to you if you want to. If you like how Shubhashray caters to their clients and looking for a home, you can reside in our societies with a range of amenities provided in them located in Bhiwadi, Keshwana, and Jaipur in Rajasthan that is already complete or under construction. You can also check our upcoming projects in Jaipur, Neemrana, Alwar, and Bhiwadi.

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