Why Monsoon is the Best time to Buy a House

August 18, 2021

Monsoon, A season that some people like the most and others dislike has the same effect when it comes to buying a property during this season. The reason why some people hate the rainfall is the exact reason they should buy a property in the monsoon season i.e. the effect of rains on the properties and grounds of the areas those properties are in. This is the best season to check if the houses can tackle such problems or not.

Monsoon and Property…

How monsoon can affect a property is how a buyer must check if the property is good for their living. Let’s see some such points below.

  1. Construction Quality: The weather effect can tell the quality of construction. If there is any kind of seepage in the property, that can be checked during the monsoon and hence the buyer can go to the site to check if the property they are going to buy has any kind of rainwater problem inside the building and can take their decision of buying the property accordingly.
  2. Material Quality: If a company uses not-so-good material in their property, the material will be affected by the water or humidity present in the atmosphere. Monsoon is one of the best seasons to check that due to sudden temperature changes and humidity levels.
  3. Water Clogging: Heavy rains result in water clogging in the area if the sewage system is not up to par. This results in travel issues and hence the life of the resident. It can also result in some dangerous situations and repairing of your valuables. You should certainly check the place you are residing in and their area has a good sewage system or not to avoid being in such frustrating situations. It also happens if the area/road has any kind of down places or ditches in them.
  4. Dealing with Rainwater: Rainwater is one of the pure sources of water. The way a builder/designer deals with it says a lot about society and property. Rainwater harvesting is one of the smartest ways to deal with rainwater when the water table is going down day by day in the world.
  5. Health and Hygiene: A life-taking disease like COVID that can be spread by any kind of touch or even with air or water is likely to spread easily in stagnant or flowing water if anyone far is also affected by it. However, we should not forget that monsoon can bring a lot of other diseases with them due to stagnant water. Hence, the Hygiene of a place can be best checked during this season.

So, it is highly recommended to check a place in the monsoon and buy the good property before anyone else buys it for your convenience.

With Shubhashray, You will only love monsoon…

Not only, Shubhashray fulfills the above requirements i.e. we provide

  • good construction quality with materials,
  • have a good sewage system installed,
  • have smart choice to have installations like sewage treatment plants and Rainwater Harvesting Systems within our premises, and
  • have been dealing with COVID in various ways and by following the rules of safety

We also provide a learning center within our premises so that you don’t have to go far in the rain to learn various things such as computer labs, English classes, etc. We also have inbuilt extracurricular spaces like indoor games, outdoor games, pools, and more to cater to their needs within our premises only.

the basic needs offood and clothing are already available at costs that are affordable to all, Our company is associated with Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and banks to provide subsidized loans for our buyers according to their household income. Most of our properties are approved by RERA and are located near the workplaces to decrease the distance between the house and the workplace.

So, enjoy Food, Cloth, & SHELTER and love the rainy season of Monsoon with Shubhashray Housing India…

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