How row housing can be a better option than Towers

March 18, 2021

We look at different types of residential buildings in day to day life when we go out of our homes. Some of them are the houses of up to 3 storeys located on the ground and the rest are the towers that rise high in the sky. Both row housing or tower buildings contain multiple dwelling units but they are constructed differently from each other. If we talk about the space, Row housing covers the ground area whereas tower housing covers the height. Row housing is the horizontal way of planning dwelling units whereas towers are vertical ways. Both of them have their benefits and limitations. Row housing is the housing that has all the houses on the ground in a row. If they are created in society or with the help of some building bye-laws, we can create a row of similar-looking houses in a single row or area. Tower buildings look large and magnificent in front of row housing but there are certain benefits of row housing over towers.

1. Land:  While we buy an apartment in towers, we buy a certain dwelling unit in the tower at a certain height and not the land whereas in row housing we will be buying a plot along with the dwelling unit.  Hence, row housing allows us to buy our own land area with the house whereas an apartment is on someone else’s land.

2. Open Spaces: Both towers and row housing includes open spaces. Towers have common open spaces which are allotted to a certain tower or group of towers in the society. In row housing, we get both public and private open spaces. Private ones being the garden in the house and public ones being the parks, etc. in the community area. Hence, row housing provides us with private open spaces that are confined in the area of their own land. These private open spaces allow us to do any activity we want to do in them unlike in towers where the spaces are already allotted to a particular purpose.

3. Terraces: In towers, we either get a single big terrace on the top or terraces in the form of balconies which could be small or big depending upon the builder and designer of that tower but terraces are rare to be seen in towers. In row housing, everyone gets their private terrace on the top of the house that they buy. They can do whatever activity they like on that terrace.

4. Privacy: Tower housing contains vertical space and can be seen in a cluster of dwelling units on a single floor and hence resulting in people getting to know more about our whereabouts since they can meet us on the same floor or in the vertical movements such as stairs or elevators. In row housing, these whereabouts are confined to be known only outside the building area i.e. it starts from the road and not from inside the building. Hence, privacy is more in row housing than towers.

5. Low population density: meaning the number of people staying in a particular ground coverage area. Due to the horizontal expansion in row housing instead of a vertical one like in towers, the population density is low in row housing which makes it less crowded.

Row housing may take more land area than towers but it gives us our own land, more privacy, Our private terrace and private open spaces that a tower can not give us. Such row housing can be seen in Subhashray Homes, Bhiwadi and Keshwana Defence enclave by Subhashray. Sometimes, Row housing provides us with the scope of expansion of our Dwelling Unit i.e. we can construct in the land area that we own if required such as our Subhashray Jaipur project where you can convert your 2bhk into 3bhk whenever you require an extra room in the future.

These projects are affordable for even low-income group people like labourers, factory workers, etc. Apart from this, these come under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana or Mukhya Mantri Awas Yojna making them better as the buyer can get a subsidy of up to INR 2.67lac on the loan for these houses according to their earnings. Keshwana and Jaipur housing of Subhashray is also RERA approved. Row housing is generally costlier than apartments in towers but Shubhashray provides row housing units at lower prices when compared to tower apartments. There are a lot more amenities and benefits in Subhashray Row housing projects.

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