Terms & Conditions of registration and booking

1. The Applicant(s) hereby agree that acceptance/rejection of this Application shall be at the sole discretion of the Developer and in case the application is rejected, Applicant(s) shall not raise any objection or claim damages or challenge the same in a Court of law/tribunal.

2. The Applicant(s) understand that the provisional allotment of the unit shall become definitive only on the due acceptance of this Application by the Developer in writing through a Letter of Provisional Allotment issued by registered post and shall be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by Developer at the time of such acceptance. In the event of the Developer accepting this Application to provisionally allot a Unit, I/We hereby agree to pay all further installments as per the Payment Plan annexed herewith and marked as Annexure I (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Payment Plan’) and all other charges/amounts/dues as stipulated in this Application and the Buyer’s Agreement.

3. Please note that once a booking is made in the name of a customer, we no longer offer the same unit to another customer. In such an event, should you seek to cancel your booking, we shall be entitled to forfeit the booking amount upto ten percent of the total purchase price of your Unit. The remaining amounts shall be returnable to you upon demand. Please note that this amount is being forfeited towards the loss of opportunity and of the timely sale of the Unit that Shubhashray could have made, in the absence of the cancelled booking.

4. The proposed building plans, designs, proposed specifications, location of the Units/floor plans and other terms and conditions, are liable to be changed, altered, modified, revised, added, deleted, substituted or re-casted as per the directions of the competent authority or at the discretion of the Developer.

5. Allocation/Allotment of unit- The allotment of a Unit (type of unit/floor/location), is subject to the availability of a particular unit and shall be allotted to an Applicant(s) at the sole discretion of the Developer. The final allotment of the Unit shall be subject to execution of the Agreement for Sale, Maintenance Agreement and compliance of all related terms and conditions, realization of the balance outstanding amounts and the subsequent registration between Developer and the Applicant(s).

6. Loan from Bank/Financial Institutions -In case the Applicant(s) applies/apply for a loan with respect of provisional allotment of the Unit from any lending institution Bank/NBFC, the Developer shall not be responsible for rejection of the loan application/ delay in approval/disbursement of the loan amount and the Payment Plan and the other terms and conditions of this Applicator shall remain unaltered.

7. Government Charges, statutory dues as levied by the government or competent authority will be payable extra by the Applicant(s) and do not form part of the Total Sale Price. The Developer has deposited the requisite EDC and IDC fee to the concerned development authority and same shall not be charged to the Applicant(s).

8. Preferential Location Charges -The Applicant(s) understand(s) that some Units in the Project attract a preferential location charges (“PLC”) based on the preferable location of the Unit in the Project and the Applicant(s) agree(s) to pay such charges without any demur or protest.

9. Payment Plan and time is essence of payment -The Payment Plan shall be independent of the receipt of demand letter / call notices and the Applicant(s) shall be liable to pay such amount as stipulated in the Payment Plan as prescribed in Annexure I of this Application and the Developer shall not be under any obligation to issue any reminders in respect thereof. The Applicant(s) agree that he/they shall abide by his/their obligations to pay the sale price as provided in the Payment Plan along with other payments including but not limited to applicable stamp duty, registration fee and other charges that will be more specifically stipulated in the Buyer’s Agreement.

10. Property Usage-The Applicant(s) shall use and occupy the unit for designated purposes only and in such manner and mode as may be provided in the Buyer’s Agreement

11. Transfer of Ownership- The Developer reserves the right to transfer ownership of the Project in whole or in parts to any other entity such as a partnership firm, body corporate, whether incorporated or not, association or agency, by way of sale/disposal or any other arrangement whatsoever, as may be determined by the Developer in its sole discretion and the Applicant(s) undertakes that he/they shall not raise any objection in this regard.