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Posted On : 2013-09-16, By Leelavati and Mahesh ChandBack

Amandeep (13 years) and Anudeep (9 years) moved into their new home at 624, Shubhashray Homes, Rewari, in 2012. Both boys attend school close by as their father Mahesh Chand goes to work at the YKK factory close by in Bawal industrial area. Leelavati, his wife is happy to announce to her relatives that she finally has her own home in the city- a one bedroom, hall and kitchen on the ground floor that also has a front-yard where she can sit and watch her children play and a backyard where she can dry her clothes and do other household chores in peace. Maheshchand also owns a 50 sq. yd. plot in Rewari but he preferred to buy a Shubhashray home which cost him far less than what he would have spent on constructing a unit on the plot. For Mahesh and Leelavati, this house is not merely a cemented four walled enclosure, but the fulfillment of a long shared dream.

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