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Posted On : 2013-10-14, By Meena and Dinesh KumarBack

One look at Meena’s face and you could be forgiven for the impression that she is just another small town girl.

Coming from the city of Hisar, she has struggled incredibly hard to cope with her passion for education with an early marriage. Being JBT (Junior Basic training) qualified, she aspired to enroll for B.Ed or MA and pursue teaching as a profession. In her own words, “This has been my dream since graduation but seemed far fetched while we were staying on rent for last 5 years”. Once living at the will of the landlord, and grappling with worries for her playful daughter Tanisha’s safety, she was compelled to leave her daughter with her in-laws at Hisar.

Things changed for good, sooner than expected when her husband Dinesh, who works as an Assistant Manager at Dharuhera, bought a house at Shubhashray, Rewari. She loves the independence that it has brought her, and is now actively preparing for her B.Ed alongwith similar aspirants from the community. The afternoons are spent catching up with her neighbours in one of the languid patches of sun and the gated, safe and friendly environment of the Shubhashray community makes her feel safe even when her husband is away for work. Meena eagerly awaits her daughter who’ll be coming shortly and is excited about raising her in her home at Shubhashray Homes, Rewari.

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