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Shubhashray is a housing solutions company focused on providing optimally designed homes to people living in semi and peri-urban areas. The idea is to provide a holistic, yet affordable ecosystem that includes safe housing, clean water, electricity and daily needs provision etc. within a gated community to people who otherwise remain out of the fold of organized housing.

This market-based, innovative housing solution company has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative and is a recipient of the CGI Commitment Certificate.


Many families in India live in cramped and often rented accommodations with limited access to civic amenities. As per the Planning Commission estimates, there is a shortage of 27 million homes nationally. Shubhashray is actively involved in reducing the housing deficit for families living in semi and peri-urban areas. Our innovative business model delivers the joys of home ownership to people who never thought it possible.

For a majority of our customers, Shubhashray is their first chance of owning a home. Home ownership allows these households to accumulate wealth and social status, and is the basis for a number of positive personal, social and economic outcomes. It boosts the academic performance of children, induces higher participation in the community, improves family health, and ensures greater security for the girl child. Home ownership also brings with it the pride of ownership for the family, a sense of belonging and a personal stake in the well being of the community.

The positive social benefits from home ownership and stable housing for our customers are therefore transformative...

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